Outfits For Rent
© The Kiltmaker's Apprentice Full Rental
$150.00    (Usually ships in 4 days before event)
The Kilt is available in a Dress Gordon or Black Watch or Welsh National as shown left to right in picture. Choices not shown are Scottish National and Irelands National.
The Jacket is available in the Prince Charlie or the Black Argyle(center)

The full rental consists of:
  • The Kilt
  • Jacket
  • Belt and Waist plate
  • Sporran
  • Safety Sgian Dubh
  • Kilt Hose, Yours to keep
  • Bow Tie(with the Prince Charlie), Long Black Tie (with the Argyle)
  • Flashes
  • Kilt pin

  • Shoes are not Included

    A Tuxedo Shirt my be purchased on the Rental Accessories page

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